Driving Safety Excellence using SHINGO Principle ( Part 1).

Shingo Principles are used to drive Operational Excellence. Can the same applies to drive Safety Excellence. Of course it is possible and should be used.

Read an article on using Shingo Principle to drive Safety Culture. And the article is definitively refreshing and need further understanding.


Respect every Individual

Every employee should earn the respect of the rest of the organization for trying to earn a living to realize his or her dream. As a mark of respect, the individual shall be given the right tools, technique,training and environment to get the job done safely at the required quality level. The need of the employee shall be taken into consideration when planning processes.

“Almost every organization has in its annual report the words ‘people are our most valuable asset,’ but looking at their safety data they have no evidence that it is true.” – Paul O’Neill

Respect is what every individual expect from rest. No matter what level they are respect shall be given.

One way of showing respect is to have regular authentic engagement with each and every members of the organization. Listen to them. Ask them about opportunities to improve, especially how the work can be done safely.

Leaders will do well if they also provide coaching and maybe mentoring to all employees. It is about genuine care for the people.

Published by gopala

I am an Operational Performance Improvement Specialist with a focus on Integrating Safety Culture and Leadership into business operations. I am positioning myself and my consulting group as a thought leader in Safety Excellence .

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